Secret Escapes “the worst-kept secret in luxury travel” is a members only website offering customers up to 70% off the normal prices they would pay for the same bookings anywhere else, this basically meaning you won’t be beaten on price. One thing to remember is Secret Escapes doesn’t allow you to book and compare everything such as Low Cost Holidays or Thomas Cook as they just hand pick a selection of the finest designer hotels, resorts, holidays and accommodation, so what you see is only the best and each deal has been contracted for them.

You might be thinking how do they achieve such a high value discount? on luxury hotels and package holidays well according to Secret Escapes even the most luxurious establishments don’t like empty beds.

Secret Escapes only offers these fantastic discounts to members only, all you have to do is sign up with your email or Facebook account and your in!

They work by providing “flash sales” which means they only have a limited number of packages available to customers at anyone time until they expire, according to the website they have around 30 offers at anyone time, you can also see upcoming offers so you can get ready to book once they are placed live.

How to book? 

To view the latest flash sales head over to