interrailIf you want to backpack or travel across Europe then Interrail are one of the cheapest and most convenient companies to book your ticket with and travel by train. It doesn’t matter where you want to go by train in Europe, interail cover all 30 countries in western and eastern Europe, they provide Premium passes, and on country passes if you are looking to explore a single country.

Interrail passes you can buy in 2020

Global Pass

The Interrail Global pass is the best for travellers looking to travel across multiple countries at ease at at ones own pace whether thats zipping from Paris to Berlin or a slow ride taking in lots of countries.

✔ Discount for travellers aged 27 and under.
✔ Unlimited travel in up to 30 countries at your own pace.
✔ Start and end your journey at your local train station. Find out more
✔ Special: Includes the Eurostar train between Brussels, Paris and London!

Youth Global Pass

- 5 days within 15 days £188
- 7 days within 1 month £230
- 10 days within 1 month £275
- 15 days continuous £304
- 15 days within 1 month £339
- 22 days continuous £355
- 1 month continuous £459

Adult Global Pass

- 5 days within 15 days £243
- 7 days within 1 month £288
- 10 days within 1 month £343
- 15 days continuous £379
- 15 days within 1 month £425
- 22 days continuous £444
- 1 month continuous £574

One Country Pass

Not one for hopping from country to country? With the Interrail One Country Pass you can immerse yourself in a single countries culture, find the best cafes, restaurants, parks where you can fall in love with a city or country. Prices start at £46.

Countries include: Italy, Switzerland, The Benelux, France, Germany, Norway and many many more.

- Spain £135
- Germany £150
- Croatia £46
- Turkey £46
- Ireland £95

And many more.

Premium Pass

Are you one for travelling in style? With the Interrail Premium Pass you can discover Italy and Spain.

- Italy prices start from £ 112
- Spain prices start from £157

All premium passes provide 1 month travel, free advance seat reservations, 8 days of travel.

Children can travel for free with adult and senior travellers.

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If you have an interrail global pass or any other pass you could qualify for a wide range of offers and benefits in every country you travel.

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