We’ve all seen the scene in the movie where the actor turns up at the check-in desk only to discover they’ve forgotten their passport. It might seem a cliche but every year thousands of people lose their passport or forget to
take it with them to the airport, delaying or ruining their holiday. We’ve put together a checklist of things to remember before you go, in order to get your holiday off to the best possible start.

Essentials at a glance

  • In date passport
  • Airline ticket
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel money
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Basic phrase book
  • ID card
  • Credit cards
  • Reservation numbers
  • Medication



Many people lose or forget their passport but research has shown that one-in-five of us has no idea when our passport expires and an increasing number are leaving it too late to renew in time to travel. Now might be a good time to dig it out of the bottom drawer and check. Another thing to remember is visa’s, check whether the country you’re visiting requires you to have one and if they do, leave enough time for the application to be processed and little extra in case of problems or delays.

dont forget your passport



Let’s be honest, most of us hate paying for insurance of any kind but holiday insurance in particular is one that many people forget or choose to ignore, don’t! Life has a habit of kicking us when we least expect it and good travel insurance will cover you for many eventualities and could literally save you hundred’s of thousands of Pounds. Important things to consider when searching for a policy are; will I get a refund if I have to cancel my holiday for unforeseen reasons, am I covered against theft of my property or lost luggage and will I be covered for medical emergencies.

travel insurance



With credit cards central to many of our lives, it’s tempting to rely solely on them for your holiday but there’s a number of reasons why we don’t recommended this. Losing your plastic friend or having it unexpectedly blocked could ruin your holiday and in many countries their use isn’t as common as it is in the UK. Our recommendation is that you carry travellers cheques and convert these into the local currency when you arrive at your destination. Just remember to book them early and keep them with you at all times, NEVER leave them in your luggage. If you do decide to rely on your credit card, call your provider before you leave the UK to let them know you’ll be using it abroad.

travel currency


Travelling abroad and experiencing the different sights, cultures and cuisines is exciting but many countries also have diseases that we aren’t exposed to in the UK. Immunisation could be the difference between life and death, yet many Brits fail to
protect themselves against even the basics. If you’re travelling abroad, especially to countries with tropical and sub-tropical climates, do your homework. Check what diseases you’re exposing yourself to and make an appointment with your doctor to discuss what injection you should have before travelling.

travel Immunisation


The UK is a nation of pet lovers and if you’ve got a little furry friend, don’t forget to book them in with family, friends or the local pet hotel. If they’re the pampered kind and are coming on holiday with you, check their passport and vaccinations are up-to-date and importantly that neither will expire while you’re out of the country. Also remember that some animals will need to be wormed at least 24hrs and not more than five days before they re-enter the UK.

mind pets while on holiday

Plug Adaptors

If you’re like many people these days and have a myriad of gadgets and gizmos that go everywhere with you, remember that many parts of the world have their own unique plug type and voltage and will need an adaptor to work with your UK three pin plug.

Home alone We began on a movie theme, so let’s end on one. Most of us have seen the movie Home Alone and as tempting as it might be, don’t forget the kids, you don’t want to end up a Daily Mail headline.

holiday travel plug adapter